What are some general guidelines I should follow?

Keep it CLEAN and COLD! Keep in mind that our shop has no control of how your trophy is handled before in reaches us. Please take great care to bring in a prime specimen, this will assure you the best mount possible!

How do I cape an animal for taxidermy?

1. When dressing a trophy, stop the abdominal cut at the sternum or start of rib cage. Do not cut up through ribs when dressing. 2. Cut completely around body behind the front shoulders. 3. Cut completely around front knees. 4. This cut is the most crucial. All animals have a distinct hairline up the backside of their front legs. When cutting, stay just on the outside of this hairline. Follow just outside the hair from cut 3 to the rib cage. Turn cut here and continue to cut 2 (This will allow you to tube skin and remove the head and cape from the body

How do I prepare a fish?

When preparing your fish for Mountin' Man Taxidermy, try not to handle the fish anymore than you have to. DO NOT GUT THE FISH! Instead wrap the fish in a wet towel or pillowcase, place in a bag and either freeze or keep cool until you get to us

How do I prepare an animal for a rug?

When skinning for a rug mount, begin your cut approximately 4 inches from the end of the chin and continue to cut straight down the throat and belly to the end of the tail. Cut from the center of the pads down to the center of the cut. Leave the feet and head for us to skin. Make sure cuts are straight and centered!

How do I prepare a bird for taxidermy?

To make it easy on both of us, simply bag, freeze and bring them in whole. For the birds, place the birds head under its wing and make sure the feathers are laying properly before bagging and freezing. You can also put your bird inside a nylon stocking prior to bagging and freezing to keep the feathers uniform. In addition, please note any broken bones.)